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Places to Visit on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol was the first package holiday destination in the 60s for most UK travelers it has the sun sea and beautifully beaches that attracted British middle class family's.

Now days the friendly Mediterranean climate and lively towns are host to millions of visitors every year. Malaga Airport is now the fourth busiest is Spain with nearly 14 million tourists in 2014.

Make sure to transfer from Malaga Airport by shuttle bus to embark on your adventure. Malaga center is wonderous and modernized to meet city of culture standards containing wonders such as Museum of Contemporary Art

Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona Visitor Numbers

Had 42 million visitors, Barcelona 38 million and Palma De Mallorca 20 million so as a beach destination Malaga is only second to Palma De Mallorca.

The Costa del Sol has on average 320 days of sun every year making it one of the most pleasant affordable places to visit in Europe the Costa del Sol has various accommodations from package holidays to up market boutique hotels, guesthouses, villas, apartments or eco fincas.

The capital of the Costa del Sol is Malaga a beautiful historic centre if you are visiting spain for culture and history you want be disappointed it has a cathedral , Moorish castle, and various museums  including Picasso’s museum the place of Picasso’s birth it was a great day when the king and queen of Spain inaugurated the Museo Picasso on the 27th October 2003.

When in Malaga you must visit the oldest bar in Malaga ANTIGUA CASA DE GUARDIA founded in 1840. Malaga port is now the hub for most Mediterranean cruises like Royal Caribbean.

Beautiful Marbella

Form Malaga airport you can head west towards Marbella you will pass the resorts of Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, La Cala de Mijas, Calahonda and Elviria on your way to the most beautiful town of Marbella.

Marbella’s old town is a mixture of Andalucian and Moorish cultures in the white washed narrow streets with some of the best restaurants on the Costa del Sol , orange square is the centre of the old town which is well worth a visit.

You will find all the top designer boutiques on Av. Ricardo Soriano.

On from Marbella you have the famous Puerto Banus known for its super yachts and flash sports cars. This area is around a luxury marina with top night clubs for the young and old alike.

Marbella Hotels and Beyond

It boasts a casino next to the top class hotel H10 Andalucian plaza. Puerto Banus is spains answer to St.Tropez where you will mingle with the rich and famous.

Benahavis is the next town on from Puerto Banus it is situated in a Spanish mountain village six kilometres from the coast it is known for its top restaurants often being called “the dining room of the Costa del Sol .“ Benahavis hosts 12 of the 70 golf courses on the coast.

Estepona is 15 kilometres on from Benahavis it is a great place for a family holiday it is quieter than Marbella and Puerto Banus with a population of over 80,000 it has many street cafes and tapas bars with Spanish delicacies. The narrow streets are more suited to traditional horse and carts rather than motor cars.

Take a minibus taxi to Duquesa is 60 minutes from Malaga Airport has one of the best marinas on the Costa del Sol. It is known for water sports a boating enthusiasts paradise. The marina boasts a variety of restaurants and bars to while away the long summer days.

Rocket Languages – A Good Start to Learn Spanish?

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Property Sales and Discovery Costa del Sol

I love all things to do with property. I believe that property investment is the best form of investing and most secure in these times of austerity. I will be taking a peek into all the different property development companys in Costa del Sol and writing about each one, the first company being

Please check back when you get a spare 5 minutes to let me know what you think about my blog, thanks for stopping bye!

IFindMarbella are a major current developers and competition will be discussed here in the forthcoming weeks. Any development opportunities will also be looked at with a case study into buying property in Spain